Personal Productivity Tips – Efficient Verses Effective Personal Productivity

‘Efficient’ has been the standard corporate buzzword for decades. For years, major companies have been desperate to improve efficiency, eliminate distractions and maximize the amount of time that their employees spend actually working.

With the changes in workplaces, the prevalence of work-at-home professions, and the dramatic differences in the way the current generation of professionals is approaching work, efficiency just doesn’t seem to cut it any more.

Nowadays, it’s about effectiveness, not efficiency. Truly effective personal productivity is the goal for employees and entrepreneurs worldwide, and efficient work is growing less and less important.

So why is efficiency less important? It comes down to the nature of the two forms of work. Simply put, you can work efficiently for 8 hours per day, cranking out work that isn’t remarkable, but bringing a level of quantity that any employer would love.

The problem is that the value of the work isn’t massive — it’s the same kind of work that could be replicated by anyone else with enough time.

Effective personal productivity is different. It’s not about cranking out work for work’s sake, it’s about selectively optimizing your work output to make sure that your work only ever results in tangible gains, remarkable work, and truly valuable results.

So next time you’ve got some time to work in, put the efficiency vs. effectiveness theory to use. Instead of focusing on quantity, focus on quality of output, value of your work and the utility of your time.

Effective personal productivity isn’t about pumping out valueless work. To master personal productivity you need to work towards always working for value, never wasting time that could be spent improving work, and disregarding quantity as an effective measure of output.

How to Increase Personal Productivity While Working Online

Since the majority of online entrepreneurs work alone on the internet their success is dependent upon their own personal productivity. Most people starting an online business normally have a small budget to work with so it is up to them to do it all. Therefore increasing productivity is critical for the majority of people when marketing on the internet.

Let’s look at 5 different ways in which online entrepreneurs can save time and energy while increasing productivity.

Leverage Your Own Efforts

Learning to ‘multi-purpose’ previous articles, sales copy or blog post can save you a lot of time and effort. Take some of your older blog post and use them as outlines for new articles you can submit. Along the same lines by scaling down some of your older articles you can use them as blog posts. These are great ways for increasing productivity without much additional effort.

Do not discard any old sales copy but instead use it as a ‘template’ that you can put back to work for any other product or project that may be applicable.

Walk Away When Feeling Unproductive

Ever have those days when you find yourself just staring at the computer screen? When this occurs learn to simply turnoff the computer and go do something else. There is not much sense to wasting time on something you are not being productive. Instead go find something you can accomplish or if nothing more take a ‘breather’ and let your ‘batteries’ recharge until you are feeling more productive.

Unplug for a Change

Purposely take time away from your computer screen when you can. For instance if you can do with a pen and paper what you are doing on your computer than choose to work offline for a while. Things such as drawing out a weekly plan, article outlines or even ideas for a blog post can be done away from the computer.

Getting away from your computer screen will serve a couple of purposes. It will give you a refreshing change of scenario while also allowing your eyes some much needed rest from the computer screen.

Limit Your Computer Time

Set time limits on your computer use. By doing this you will find that you work more efficiently and productively. Setting time limits makes you more aware of what needs to be done and how to do it in the quickest way.
Time limits also help you to stop non-productive behavior such as aimless browsing, game playing or email checking.

Encourage More Participation on Blog

If you have a blog, as most marketing on the internet do, you want to encourage your readers to leave more comments. By increasing reader participation there is a stronger sense of community at the blog and this is something readers enjoy. Also and just as important these comments can also give you new ideas for content or making improvements.

Your personal productivity plays a key factor in the success you will have when marketing on the internet. It is typical for most when starting an online business to be the ‘sole’ employee therefore time and productivity are important variables. The 5 tips we discussed here today are aimed at increasing productivity by saving time and getting more out of your own effort. By following the ideas these tips represent you stand to experience less personal stress and better business results for less time invested.

Focus on Your Personal Productivity Strength to Prosper Your Business

For small-business owners it is important to concentrate on personal strengths. Small business management, that is close to entrepreneurship, is about organizing economic activities and your personal economic background defines the success of these.

Production versus networking.
The term productivity is not only about producing something, which is the most common and well-known aspect; the producer who is autonomously involved in the development of a product. But productivity is also about networking and involving others. Take for instance the giant auctions on Internet. Their productivity is about matching demand and supply. is another example of the same category where the main productivity role is networking, getting people – demand and supply – together.

A next example of productivity is the supporting role. For example the web-serving-business that provides a host for your site. It is nearly invisible, but very nasty if it is not up-and-running.

A last example of productivity is the sales-role. Consultants like me have always problems with that. If it is not your strength you should connect to another parties (matching) your expertise with a demand in the market.

All four productive elements are needed to boost any business. But your strength is normally only one out of them. You are either starting a business with a sales background, a high developed intermediation skills, a development focus or with a supportive vision. You cannot excel in all four areas. However you do need all of them to prosper.

The first thing to know is what element is the one of your strength. The next thing is to determine how to fill the other gaps. If you excel in sales expertise, your main problem is defining a product that is wanted in the market. As you are aware of the volatility of consumer preferences the product demand could change over the period of time. Therefore you need to be flexible. If you are a producer of any kind, sales could be a nightmare. Trying to do it yourself will not be the best strategy. Rather attempt to cooperate with someone who does have this experience.
The networker (auctions, marketplaces, etc) needs volume. Internet is just one of the media that is offering just that. But still not everyone is a networker. If you are not in real life, your internet community will not prosper either.

If you are to start a business make sure you know where your strength is in personal productivity area. If your business is are already up-and-running but you can do with a boost, just check whether the productivity roles are balanced.

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Reasons to Buy Personal Productivity Software

Every person needs to track his activities one way or another, especially businessmen or corporate executives whose entire day is spent in meetings. In all honesty, meetings are really time wasters. These are not really productive, and most of the time, these are just nothing more than chitchats. Technology has made it possible to have gadgets that no one before ever thought would have existed, just like the personal productivity software.

This software program is nothing more than a checklist made high-tech. The purpose of having this is to set calendars and activities right. This is a great way of not being late with certain activities and meeting deadlines. In essence, it maximizes productivity in an organized way using a to-do list methodology. It aligns tasks and provides any person to strategically approach things in accomplishing tasks-whether it is office work or business enterprise activities.

In any case, a software program such as this is very much recommended for people who cannot afford a secretary or do not need a secretary. Designed for achievers, this is something that goal-oriented people will certainly want to have. In a snapshot, this allows you also to prioritize things and put things to do in specific order. Somehow, this software allows users to put a weight or bearing on how important the tasks are. After the list is updated based on the importance of each activity, the organizer will show the user what needs to be done first.

Just like any computer calendar, this can be programmed in a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Reminders may be set so the user will never forget anything. However, one thing that sets the difference is that this software will show the user how much time is remaining before the deadline is due. It also shows the user how much time is left before the task can actually be completed.

There are many brands of this type of software, each having something more to offer. Before choosing one, make sure you know your purpose and check the features carefully before making the purchase. You may be buying something packed with lots of features that you do not actually need. What happens is you end up tinkering on your software and spend more time on it instead of getting more jobs done. Make sure that you know your purpose, too, and that these purposes are in line with your primary goals. Of course, what you need is to get things done faster to achieve your goals faster as well. Another thing that you have to greatly consider is that you are buying this gadget to boost your confidence as you trudge along the daily hustle and bustle of life.

And lastly, make sure that the personal productivity software program you will get will help you become more effective at work, not counter-effective. So many people just end up in analysis paralysis because they too much effort working out how to manage time. You cannot manage time. Period. What you can manage is your activities.